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Purple Lemonade with Irish Moss

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Organic Irishmoss

Organic monkfruit

Natural Lemon Flavor

Hydration: Sea moss is one of the most mineral dense superfoods in the world.

Immunity: Mineral deficiency is a causative effect on immunity. An inadequate intake of minerals often leads to a decline in immune function.

• Recovery: Along with sleep, proper diet and mineral intake helps aid recovery after the mind and body has been stressed.

• Respiratory health: Sea moss is scientifically proven to help resolve mucus in the upper respiratory system. 

Metabolism + weight control: Seamoss is high in Iodine. Iodine is the main mineral

Natural Collagen: This superfood is high in collage making it beneficial for your hair, nails, and skin. Cosmetic companies are even beginning to add sea moss into there products.

Fertility: Helps regulate your hormones promoting healthy fertility and increases libido.

Digestion / Mood: The gut health impacts our mood as most serotonin receptors are located in the gut. Sea moss is known to help clean the gut biome which allows the mind to feel better as well.

• Fasting: When fasting, sea moss is often used to provide the minerals the body needs without having to digest food, carbs and fats.

• Bone Health: The minerals density of sea moss helps supply the bone swith key minerals like calcium and phosphorus.

Add two tablespoons to 12oz to 16oz of water. Shake well. Enjoy.

Our Irish moss is sourced from the Waters of Nova Scotia. We carry the original Chrodus Cripsus, which is the original Irish moss from Ireland. This is what gives our powder its natural purple color.

Irishmoss is from cold waters. Whereas seamoss is from warm Caribbean waters.


EZ Herbal 4712 

Purple Lemonade with Irish Moss is the first product of the EZ Herbal 4712 line. We have developed the first flavored drinkable powder with Irish Moss on the market. Each serving of Purple Lemonade comes with a very potent 6 grams of powder organic Irish moss from Nova Scotia. That amount of Irish moss in one serving is extremely difficult to accomplish. However, we accomplished it to deliver the best experience possible.

Sea Moss Benefits

  • Natural Collagen to preserve a youthful appearance 
  • Boost Metabolism 
  • Eczema, Acne,Burns, Rashes, Skin Support
  • Thyroid Health
  • Vag Health APHRODISIAC
  • Mucus Dissolver
  • Joint + Tissue Health
  • Immune Health
  • Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Diabetic, Anti-cancerous, Antioxidant, Ulcers, Digestive Health

Why powder and not gel?

When flavoring Irish moss, it is best to place it in a powder form instead of gel. Powdering avoids spoilage, safer for transportation, and limits exposure to illnesses. Which makes it perfect for convenience while still consuming the many amazing benefits.


What makes EZ Herbal 4712 safe is that our products are all heavy metal and microbial tested to ensure that they are safe for consumption. In addition, we took it a step further to make sure each product is 3rd party tested. To further separate us from the competition, each product has an individual identification number on the bottom. So, if there are any health issues with a product we can locate it and attach a case number for an additional examination. We go above and beyond to accomplish complete satisfaction.

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    Why switch to powder from gel?

    Most gel Irishmoss or Seamoss isn’t pasteurized. None pasteurized drinks can have pathogens and can compromise immune systems.

    The days of herbs not being tested for heavy metals are near the end. Soon no one will be able to just produce herbs without a legitimate facility.

    Without a proper facility health cannot be controlled and accounted for. Without FDA approved facilities, processing herbs can can compromise health.

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